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Question asked by ccaa on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by nnagisetty


There is an Open Account sample csharp file and it has the code below.


using System;

using Vantiv.Prepaid.Api.SampleCode.ApiWcfRef;

/// <summary>

/// Sample code in this namespace uses C# and the SOAP 1.2 API endpoint.

/// A WCF service reference was created using

/// </summary>

namespace Vantiv.Prepaid.Api.SampleCode.Soap1_2


/// <summary>

/// This sample shows how to sell a card using ValidateCardholderIdentity

/// and OpenAccount.

/// </summary>

public class OpenAccountSample


Where can I download the dll Vantiv.Prepaid.Api from?

I downloaded sample code files from Vantiv Prepaid Api Guide.

Thank you.