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triPOS Lane API - create new land id

Question asked by srinivantiv1 on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by derektomes

I am getting following response for creating lane for first time using Postman using request

POST /v1/lanes

{"laneId": 1,

  "terminalId": "1",

  "serialNumber": "s1",

  "modelNumber": "m1",

  "description": "lane1 desc",

  "applicationVersion1": "1.0.0",

  "applicationVersion2": "1.1.0",

  "operatingSystemVersion": "1.0.0",

  "securityVersion": "1.0.0",

  "emvKernelVersion": "1.0.0",

  "rawDeviceInformation": "r1",

  "activationCode": "1234"


Response:{ "exceptionMessage": "Unable to configure EMV and Contactless" }

Do you have any idea what went wrong or what needs to be included in request if missing?

Thanks in advance.