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Different Branches of Vantiv with Different SDKs?

Question asked by ultimatepeter on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by radialstudios

I am a Merchant Partner for what used to be MercuryPay, which was taken over by Vantiv.

I am interested in creating a Merchant Integration for an eCommerce platform using PHP.

Seems there are several branches and arms within Vantiv, and perhaps they are not the same system. I even get the feeling that different departments that came from different mergers are somewhat at competition, and therefore, certain information is kept from me, as not to allow me to explore development for a competing department.


Some Questions:

  • Is MercuryPay remnant unrelated to, and incompatible with, the branch that is Litle/Vantiv?
  • What is a Vantiv ISV? (Developer)
  • Is VantivOne implementation usable by customers I can signup with the MercuryPay department?
  • Is there a separate Development Kit for the Vantiv I partner with?


Let’s have a conversation about what development tools I can be setup with.