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Account Updater 502 Response Codes

Question asked by on May 26, 2017
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Has anyone else run across this Account Updater issue where the updated card CC expiration date returned in the response file is a date less than the original date, but the updated date causes a decline?


Example Sequence of Events:

  • CC payment approved (with exp date of 11/20)
  • AU response returns "502 - expiration date was changed". Original Card Exp Date = 11/20, Updated Card Exp Date = 04/20
  • Next CC payment declined Do Not Honor (with exp date of 04/20)
  • Put exp date back to original 11/20 and next CC payment approved


We've just started using the AU service but I've been told that sometimes the issuing bank may return incorrect data. This is troubling and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this issue and has any suggestions on how to avoid.