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Recurring Bill Payment

Question asked by roopamedisetti on May 4, 2017
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I am employee of Total-Apps,

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Mojopay interfaces with Vantiv for onboarding and transaction processing..

We are trying to enhance our application for "Recurring bill Payments".

I was following one of your documents in trying to understand the services that I need to interface for "Recurring Bill Payments".

The document I followed was " Express Interface API V2.7.7 03022016.pdf.

I believe I need to utilize TransForm® Tokenization  .
I see that I need to use the PaymentAccountCreate service to get the PaymentAccountID (a GUID/token) that is required to establish the recurring payments.

I wanted someone who can assist me with the interface request parameters that is required. Also I wanted someone to confirm whether I am on right track.

This is what the document highlights.



Recurring Transactions

Recurring transactions are a unique type of transaction where consumers authorize merchants or

solution providers to bill a specific card on a regular basis (e.g. monthly membership fees). Each

recurring transaction may be for the same or fluctuating dollar amounts. To perform recurring

transactions merchants must store cardholder information. Cardholder information can either be

stored locally or remotely using Element’s TransForm Tokenization technology.

  1. Note Storing cardholder information locally is a significant financial risk and is subject to the

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Please visit for

more information.

Setting up recurring transactions consists of two parts:

Part 1: Set-Up Transaction: For the first transaction in the series, send in the same data as a normal sale

  1. transaction. This is Track Data for card present transactions, or Card Number, CVV, and AVS data for

eCommerce and MOTO transactions.

Part 2: Recurring Transactions: For all subsequent recurring transactions, send in the cardholder

account number (not Track Data) as well as Billing Street and Zip Code data, and set the RecurringFlag to




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Eagerly waiting for your response.