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authentication element placement for batch requests

Question asked by myusernamelpi on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Crayton Godac

In the LitleXml Reference Guide, section 4.39, it speaks about the <authentication> element.


The authentication element is a required element of both the litleOnlineRequest and the batchRequest elements. It contains child elements used to authenticate that the XML message is from a valid user.

However, some examples for batching show the <authentication> element directory under the <litleRequest>, and not under the <batchRequest> element. Such as the example in section


<litleRequest version="9.9" xmlns="" id="123" numBatchRequests="1">





        <batchRequest id="01234567" numSales="1" saleAmount="12522" merchantId="100">

          <sale id="AX54321678" reportGroup="RG27">



For batch requests for sales (our batching only involves sales at the moment), should we be placing our <authentication> element directly below the <litleRequest> element, or placing the <authentication> element under each <batchRequest> element?