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Asking about the Payment Mechinism

Question asked by cityshowhk on Apr 25, 2017
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My name is Mario, I am a developer, I want to run a local startup business in Hong Kong which may involve in the digital payment area.


However, I am a newbie in Online Payment Mechanism, I even don't know how Credit Card Network works and what  Merchant, Payment Gateway / Provider, Processor, Card Issuer actually done.


Yesterday, I downloaded the Apple Pay SDK and setup it up on my web, whenever I setup, I tried to perform a pay action in front-end, after that, I got this Decrypted Payment Token generated by Apple (Masked something and enclosed in attachment), however, I don't know what it is. At last, I want to ask is there any plans is suitable for my business which may have many micropayment-specific transactions every day, the flat-fee (Processing fee) of most of the Payment Provider is not fair to us.



Mario Wong