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Clarification on Response Files for Batch

Question asked by myusernamelpi on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by tboumil

In the LitleXML Reference Guide, section 2.3.12, it states the following:


The initial response represents an acknowledgment that we received the transactions and notification that we will deliver them upstream to Visa and/or MasterCard for review. Since we perform validation operations against the credit card number and the expiration date, you may also receive a decline responses containing the appropriate response code.

In the same section it also states the following, regarding how to obtain the response files:


  1. Open your FTP connection to the Vantiv outbound directory.
  2. Locate the response file, which will have the same name as the file you submitted. If the response file has a .prg extension, it is still transferring. The extension changes to .asc when the transfer to the outbound directory completes.
  3. Retrieve the response file.


What content is in the initial response? The verbiage makes it sound like it will include some failed transaction responses (i.e. if the card data was invalid) but not all the transaction responses, since those will require communication with the gateways?


Will this initial response content exist while the file is "transferring"? i.e. before the extension is changed to .asc


What I'm trying to figure out, is if I should just wait until the response file is done "transferring" before parsing the file; is there anything valuable in that "initial response" that I couldn't otherwise get by just waiting until the transfer is complete?


Also, is there a situation where the response file would never leave the transferring state? (i.e. the response file extension would never change from .prg to .asc)