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Is there a JavaScript SDK without the need for a backend?

Question asked by cfischer83 on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by aje

I am implementing an ecommerce system that requires that we tokenize (via 3rd party, non-Vantiv vendor) client-side before we submit to the server. Using a WAF and client-side encryption, we can store non-PAN data before we send it off to our ERP (the ERP detokenizes). This is required as our hosting partner is not PCI compliant. What I want to do is authorization and, if possible, capture using nothing but JavaScript (no server-side required due to PCI concerns) and once complete, allow me to initiate tokenization from our 3rd party vendor before ultimately submitting to the server.


Is this an option? I've seen some client-side stuff in my research, but it all seems to still require a backend, whether it be NodeJS or something else. Ultimately I want authorization and capture that is 100% client side with the capability to control what happens on my checkout page immediately after (i.e. 3rd party tokenization).