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Can I get clarification on proper use of recurring?

Question asked by andy_wfc on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Worldpay Developer Community Support Team

I'm looking at implementing recurring billing via MercuryPay. I'm referencing the MercuryPay Platform Integration Guide.


The "Getting Started" section says this (emphasis theirs):

All use of recurring tokens must be clearly stated in the merchant’s terms and conditions, and signed by the cardholder indicating acceptance. The banking industry monitors their use. Recurring tokens should not be used for Card on File transactions where the cardholder is not charged a true recurring transaction.

But then the MToken section says:

The token can then be used in place of the cardholder account number to perform subsequent transactions if required, or it can be stored safely for card-on-file recurring billing programs.

As well as:

By replacing card data with a token record, MercuryPay’s tokenization processing helps merchants achieve PCI compliance and enables them to safely implement features such as recurring billing, card-on-file, and gratuity handling.

How does a "card on file" transaction differ from a "true recurring transaction"? The guide uses "card-on-file" repeatedly in contradictory ways but never defines it.


What I'm trying to do, ideally, would be best described as a payment plan. The customer would make an initial down payment and then be billed monthly 4 additional times.