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How are the trialIntervalType and trialNumberOfIntervals properties associated with a plan affected by the startDate for a subscription using the plan?

Question asked by hcgdev on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by rcoviello

Let's say we create a plan with a 1-month free trial as follows (in this case we're using the .NET SDK):


var plan = new createPlan(); = true;

plan.amount = 10000;

plan.intervalType = intervalType.ANNUAL; = "Test Plan";

// numberOfPayments omitted for an open-ended plan

plan.trialIntervalType = trialIntervalType.MONTH;

plan.trialNumberOfIntervals = 1;

plan.planCode = "1_Year_Annual";


Then, when we create a subscription as follows based on the plan to send with a recurring request for a customer, if we don't specify a start date for the sub, would the first payment of the recurring billing be charged one month from the current date since the trial is set for one month in the plan?


var sub = new subscription();

subscription.planCode = "1_Year_Annual";

// startDate omitted, so current date is used