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Card type in case where merchant decrypts PKPaymentToken

Question asked by gjsissons on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by gjsissons

The eCommerce Solution for Apple Pay explains the payment process in the case where the merchant is decrypting the PKPaymentToken here Vantiv eCommerce Apple Pay Solution v1.5


Note in the Apple Pay PKPaymentToken reference from the Apple Pay developer website, the "card type" (Visa, AMEX, MC etc..) does not appear to be included in the contents of the decrypted token. See Payment Data Keys header at this website: Payment Token Format Reference


According to the LitleXML reference guide (see 4.72 card on page 398) when submitting the dpan, expiry date etc.. in the "card" field of a LitleXML authorization or sale transaction for processing the "type" field is mandatory.


Question: How does the developer know the value of the "type" field to submit to Vantiv in the LitleXML since the type does not appear in the contents of decrypted token?


<litleOnlineRequest version=“10.3" xmlns="" merchantId="default">

       <authorization id="ididid" reportGroup="rtpGrp" customerId="12345">











        <authenticationValue>BwABBJQ1AgAAAAAgJDUCAAAAAAA= </authenticationValue>