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Mapping a single Apple Pay payment to multiple Vantiv Authorizations

Question asked by gjsissons on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by gjsissons

A Vantiv customer recently had this question that I expect will fast become an FAQ, so I wanted to capture the gist of the question without betraying their confidentiality.


The use case: The merchant wants to have their customer authorize a single payment via Apple Pay in-app (say for $500.00). They then want to use the Apple cryptograph generated by that single touch ID, but have Vantiv process this as multiple discrete charges for different components so that the charges show up separately on the customer invoice and credit card statement. For example, discrete entries for a damage deposit, rental guarantee, other fees, etc.


Question: How can this use case be supported with Apple Pay in-app payments and Vantiv's eCommerce payment platform?