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Impact on Visa changes on Apple Pay recurring payments

Question asked by gjsissons on Aug 12, 2016
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skaraivanov recently explained how merchants using Apple Pay should handle recurring payments with Vantiv's eCommerce (Litle) platform.


As Stefan explains:

Merchants should set orderSource to “applepay” on the first transaction and to “recurring” on the subsequent recurring transactions. In October, Visa is changing how they do this, making it more secure. On the first transaction, Visa will start sending back an ID, which merchants will get in Vantiv’s transaction response. Merchant will then have to pass in that ID in the recurring transactions.


Customer question: Is the new recurring rule specific for Visa only or does it apply to MasterCard transactions as well? Also, given the change is to take effect in October, when will the details be available in the Vantiv ecom Apple Pay spec, the sooner the better.


Thank you!