What does your current payments security stack look like?

Poll created by daniperea on Aug 28, 2017

Developers of payment applications face a difficult dilemma. If they don’t pay enough attention to fraud, they leave the merchants that rely on them vulnerable to increased chargebacks, sanctions from credit card companies and other potential costs. If developers are too aggressive in implementing anti-fraud measures, they risk turning away legitimate transactions and antagonizing the merchant’s customers. How are you balancing anti-fraud measures while minimizing false positives?

Check out nnagisetty's blog Omnicommerce and the evolving nature of fraud for more on the role developers play in combatting fraud.



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  • Online fraud tools (like machine learning or device fingerprinting)
  • Fraud chargeback prevention service
  • Validated P2PE
  • PCI compliance assistance
  • A combination of the above options