Week of May 23rd Articles of Interest

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Mobile Payments Successes And Failures |


This is a somewhat obvious analysis that before mobile wallets get consumer adoption, they need critical mass of merchant acceptance.  What's interesting about this article is it does a decent job of summarizing all the existing mobile wallet players, merchant wallets, and also potential entrants such as Facebook and Amazon.


Android Pay Focuses On Boosting Adoption |


Good summary of what Google unveiled at Google i/o 2016


  • NFC tap-and-pay at merchants and withdraw cash at ATM's
  • 2.8 M Wells Fargo customers use Android Pay or Apple Pay today
  • Purchases protected by zero liability
  • Only on Android phones because iOS does not allow 3rd party access to the secure element
  • With Android Pay opening up their API to bank apps, we could see a resurgence of banking branded mobile wallets


Real life pilots of blockchain technology