Google I/O 2016 - Android Pay Panels

Blog Post created by on May 20, 2016

I'll just leave these right here for now...


Android Pay everywhere: New developments - Google I/O 2016 - YouTube


  • Vantiv and B&H Photo app @12 minutes
  • Android Pay works over Mobile Web!  Demo @19 minutes
  • London transit android tap-and-pay demo @24 minutes
  • Android Pay withdraw cash from ATM @29 minutes
  • Android Pay and Walgreens loyalty card insert and enroll, does not enroll or insert from POS yet @32 minutes
  • Square offers free contactless device and discounted processing for Android Pay
  • Android Pay offers an API for banks to use in their apps


Beyond payments with Android Pay - Google I/O 2016 - YouTube


  • This talk is about Google Smart Tap, the Google implementation of loyalty, stored value, coupons and offers
  • In-store dining demo with Ziosk/Chilis @5 minutes, automatic enrollment into loyalty program at table
  • How to save to Android Pay, inApp, online, e-mail, SMS, or web based
  • Geo-targeting of loyalty and gift-cards, not only does the notification pop up when near the store, but when in the store, the cards become "top of wallet"
  • Android Pay and bank apps @18 minutes - Android Pay API for issuers



Bringing seamless checkouts to the mobile web - Google I/O 2016 - YouTube


Did not have time to watch this whole thing, but good for understanding how to optimize a Mobile Web check out flow using Android Pay.


Google description "In recent years we've seen incredible growth in the number of users shopping on the mobile web. Checkout flows, however, haven't changed and remain stuck in the past. This session will encourage you to "think outside the app" to explore how you can bring a seamless, one-tap checkout experience to your mobile website."