D-Coupled Tokenization or... let my kid p(l)ay!

Blog Post created by on May 13, 2016

This is a pretty cool idea...


The immediate use case that occurs to me to demonstrate how cool this idea is would be dropping my kids off at (name your local amusement park) or Disney Land.  Clearly, I'm too grumpy to spend all day wandering around one of these places, I'd rather be wandering around SMB's in town and testing out their latest POS and NFC solutions with my iPhone!  What's a dad to do...


It's easy, they hand me a cheap, re-usable device that I pair with my mobile wallet on my cell phone.  I temporarily couple the payment token on my cell phone with this little device, set some spending limits, and spending controls and hand this little device to my kid.  Now, they can run around the park and pay for stuff using an NFC device that has been temporarily loaded with my payment token.  Cool!


Here is an example of Visa offering a service in the form of a ring that athletes will wear at the Olympics.


Olympic athletes will sport Visa's new payment ring in Rio