Data Sleuthing @Money2020 Hackathon

Blog Post created by dourada on Nov 3, 2016

Mark, Tony, and Andrew beat me to the Money2020 hackathon update so make sure to read their impressions before moving on.


Money2020 Hackathon

What I learned participating in a hackathon as a ux geek

Money 2020 Highlights!


The Money2020 hackathon is an incredible event and always a yearly highlight.  So many great people to learn from and interact with.


I do have a bit to add to the post hackathon excitement.....DATA!  I always enjoy a good dataset but this year I thought I would generate my own dataset from the hackathon participants.  While everyone was putting the final touches on their presentations and returning to the hackathon venue from wherever the late night hours took them I decided to ask two simple questions:


  1. What operating system you are using.
  2. What programming language you are using.


As you will see this was not a very scientific poll but I still think it's useful to get an idea of the hackathoners persona.  The survey was taken by me walking around the event venue asking the two questions.  I think this was around 6:30am Sunday morning so we were all a bit fried and due to the time not all of the participants were present.  Totaling the operating system question you can see that I polled ~72 people.  Totaling the programming language you can see there are only 48 data points.  That's the unscientific bit of this endeavor.  The operationing system was an easy 1:1 correlation of people to their computers but sometimes the programming language was shared across a team so often one person from the team would say node.js and I would increase the node.js bucket by one.  Sometimes multiple people on the team would suggest a different language so I would increase both buckets.  So not completely scientific but I still think there are broad generalizations that we can infer.


Ok, enough with the commentary let's see the data!


Operating System
Windows 1014


Arch Linux1
Windows 71
Kali Linux1


As you can see MacOS won the day and as I write this I'm kicking myself (ouch!) for not asking what version and maybe even delving into hardware specs like memory and processor.  All cool things to save for next year but on the other hand I did not want to take up too much of anyone's time as the participants were trying to win a portion of 125k.


The other interesting thing was Arch and Kali Linux.  Remember the old adage (or is it new?), "there's an app for that!"  Well, these two were new to me and now I'm thinking, "there's also a distro for that!"  In fact check this out:  Linux distribution - Wikipedia.  Wow!

Programming LanguageTotal                        
React Native1
VS Code/JavaScript1


What does this tell us?  Probably that JavaScript (or a form of JavaScript) is taking over the world.  Some of these are not even programming languages so why did I include them?  Well, it was my survey and I thought it was interesting.  And in fact now I remember.  I was asking the question, "what is your technology stack?" instead of "what is your programming language?"  Nonetheless it's still interesting, or it is to me.  I had never heard of Parse, and I'm not sure HTML is considered a programming language but maybe it's part of a technology stack.  Someone was using VS Code on their Mac programming in JavaScript.  That was pretty cool.


Anyway, I hope this was fun for someone other than me.  Do you see any golden nuggets in the data above?  Or do you have other questions that I should have asked?  Chime in below in the comments.  Looking forward to a new and improved version of this at the next hackathon we attend.


Happy Hacking!