TechLifted Weekly Reading List?

Blog Post created by dourada on Sep 7, 2016

I enjoy reading almost anything and was curious if it would be possible to start a curated reading list that would help the vantivONE community find golden reading nuggets buried in all corners of the Internet.  I am certain that in addition to payments we all enjoy technology in general but even branching out into biology, data science, operations management, basically anything goes that is work appropriate.


Let's attempt an experiment, and there might be a better way to do this which is why it's an experiment, but as you are reading through your weekly material visit this blog post and add one, and only one, link that you enjoy and/or find interesting.  If however, you find that someone else's link is more interesting than your weekly reading material, 'like' it instead of posting a link.


At the end of the week we'll see a curated TechLifted list of what's interesting to the vantivONE community and then let's see how that list changes over time.


Experiment commences now and runs until the end of September.  Fun times.  I'll start with the link below in the comments.