Changing the World One Transaction at a Time

Blog Post created by dourada on Aug 12, 2016

Head is cloudy.  Dreaming of Olympic stardom, brain surgeons, genome sequencers.....Einstein.  People that move the world, change the world!  How to have a major impact on the world when I type for a living?  Feeling a bit depressed.  Everyone talks about solving global warming but it feels there are only a select few that are in a position to effect change.  Here’s looking at you Mr. Gates!


And then it hit me, seriously, Mr. Gates reached out and whopped me with a 360 video embedded in this blog post:


Not only is the blog post interesting but skip to about 1:40 in the embedded video and watch what happens.  How did they go from ordering the burger to sitting in the car eating the burger?  They yadda yadda’d over the best part….the financial transaction.


Astronauts, nuclear physicists, presidents, they all share two things in common:  they are absolutely changing the world and my guess is they all use some form of financial instrument to purchase goods in the pursuit of changing the world.


The question then is not how will payments change the world...the question is how have payments NOT changed the world?


My son and I will be visiting a doughnut shop this weekend where I hope to impart some kind of wisdom to a 2.5 year old in the form of deep fried dough, frosting, sprinkles, and a credit card swipe (no chip read as of yet).  Indeed changing the world one transaction at a time.


Cloudiness removed, dreams intact, wishing you all a fantastic weekend.  And please feel free, in the comments, to share the transaction that changed your world.