RetailNOW Live from the showfloor - Monday Update

Blog Post created by dourada on Aug 2, 2016

RetailNOW has fully commenced.  Booth setup was finally a success even with the typical glitches.  Instead of glitches I like to think of those challenges as areas for innovation.  In addition there is always the reminder to be very explicit about technology requests but in general everything is working smoothly and everyone is having a blast.  The energy that Vantiv generates permeates the convention center.  Loud and proud in Vantiv blue.  You'll see the appearance of the telepresence robot in the picture before with nsuess leading the charge.  Conference wifi is a bit spotty and the voice communication is not working quite as expected but so far the robot has been a hit in many ways.  It is such a beautiful thing to enable the tech lift team that did not travel to Dallas to still participate.  Hope you're having as much fun as we are!


If you did not already know that's nnagisetty just to the left of the robot.  She has done an excellent job launching Vantiv O.N.E. and working through all of the RetailNOW event craziness.




Here you will see jmather and zkurka setting up the EMV demos and Walker's gigantic face.  Always great to see actual Vantiv employees representing in the booth marketing materials.


The EMV demos have been great.  We are showcasing the Blackline integration to the wireless Z9 device, Datacap's TranCloud solution with the iWL device, and also Datacap's dsiEMVUS integration with the iCMP.  So far people are really enjoying the next set of devices offered via these integrations.  Ah, and I just noticed in the background you will see jennings hard at work.




Robots, EMV, innovation, lots of partner contact, and Emmitt Smith.  Life in Dallas is pretty sweet!