Off to RetailNOW (and arrival)

Blog Post created by dourada on Aug 2, 2016

I promised to write a daily entry on the happenings of RetailNOW and have now missed three days in a row.  That's what happens when the fun starts.  Lots of talking, interacting, partner contact.  It is intense and wonderful at the same time.  I arrived on Saturday, attended a partner meeting most of the day Sunday, attempted to setup our portion of the booth (innovation station and EMV demos) but the power was out to the booth.  All sorts of interesting things happen in gigantic conference areas it's an amazing undertaking that our event management team handles with grace.


Back to the innovation station.  I'll get some pics in the next post but this particular booth has a bar area that was actually used for serving drinks at conferences in the past but the tech lift team took over this are of the booth last year and have now created the tagline:  "we do not serve up drinks, we serve up innovation....welcome to the innovation station!"  I like it!


Stay tuned for more pics from Monday.  This is what greets you for reading material at RetailNOW.