Payment Developers Rule

Blog Post created by andrew.harris on Aug 8, 2016

As a UXer that dabbles in code, I am constantly amazed at the breadth and depth of knowledge everyone exudes on the Integrated Payments product development team.


Be it creating best-in-class processes for execution and management of a code base, or developing really exciting tools "on the side" that help foster innovation as well as make the business side of the house operate smoothly and happily. One could not ask to be part of a more amazing enterprise and consumer facing family of Business Owners, Product Owners, Project Managers, QA’s, DBA’s and Developers.


This week I will be taking over @VantivOne on Twitter and sharing what a day may look like for the integrated payment developer at Vantiv. Along with some one-off interviews and photos from our beautiful development floor with mountain views here in the Denver Tech Center, I will also be sharing a little bit about myself and my interest; and at the end of the week it will all tie together so everyone will see a glimpse inside integrated payments and some insight into our processes and methods that help make payments smarter, faster, and easier.


Welcome to my #techtakeover week - @iamandrewharris