Alexa, ask [Invocation Name]

Blog Post created by andrew.harris on May 23, 2016

Today during an "Innovation Moment",  two Amazon Echo devices were placed side-by-side and went head-to-head with predetermined tasks; the test results were interesting if nothing else.

Then, one of our our payments engineers had a really cool idea to attempt a recursive task between the dueling voice-activated AI devices. Sidenote; I am fortunate enough to work with so many talented engineers and developers on internal and external facing products on a daily basis focusing on the payments space that this type of ideation happens frequently, which is awesome.

Having Alexa ask another Alexa to do something? No I am sure this wasn't the first time this test case has been performed, I am sure of it. But the outpour of ideas and chatter by the team after the recursive test case was pure gold.

Seeing is believing, and when working with Zero UI, you have to be creative.

Intent schemas, slots, utterances, and functions; all play a vital role in developing to the Alexa platform. But understanding human interaction is going to be driver for this product.

Stay tuned for more, as we continue to challenge one another to continue to create the best payment applications out there through innovation.