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parameters not getting in response

Question asked by on Sep 10, 2020
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i have put below input in my form as mentioned in (Worldpay Developers ) document.

<input name="MC_SHOPPINGCARTID" type="hidden" value="a2c6b0a9-178a-4743-8fde-66a70e7a138b" />
<input name="MC_CUSTOMERREFERENCE" type="hidden" value="My Purchase Order" />
<input name="MC_CUSTOMERID" type="hidden" value="1d1a5284-f872-402a-b2d8-f605a277a27f" />


also uploaded resulty.html and resultC.html file in business manager account.


after making payment i am able to redirect to "URL" which i mentioned in the html pages but not receiving above values.


URL Example:  (it is a MVC Controller action of .NET URL. )