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ExpressResponseMessage Invalid Merchant when issuing CreditCardSale

Question asked by ianwest on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by kmartin

Hi, I'm supporting an existing integration with the ElementExpress XML Api for an ecommerce  store. I'm trying to shift the point in our process in which we charge an already created payment account from our ERP system to the store itself.


Everything is working well for both creating the payment account and charging it, against the test service "", however when I switch from the test service to the live service I get an error back after posting the CreditCardSale ExpressResponseCode: 102, ExpressResponseMessage: "Invalid Merchant". So far I haven't been able to find info on what this error means, I found one document that mentioned Invalid Merchant means the card does not support the transaction type "i.e. a travel only card being used to purchase electronics", but I've tried with several standard credit cards that have none of these restrictions.


Does anyone know what ExpressResponseCode 102 signifies? and also if the CreditCardSale endpoint is the appropriate way of charging an existing payment account?


Thanks in advance for your help



   <ExpressResponseMessage>Invalid Merchant</ExpressResponseMessage>
   <HostResponseMessage>DECLINED </HostResponseMessage>