understanding TransForm tokenization process

Discussion created by pawelroman on Jul 3, 2019



I have created a test account, got AccountID, AccountToken, AcceptorID & ApplicationID. I have run a HealthCheck request to verify that I can send messages in the right format. I got a success response. 


Now I want to test a scenario where I make just two API calls:

1) I tokenize a credit card (store sensitive cardholder data under some reference token) 

2) Charge the credit card without passing the senstive data, just the reference token 


Per Express Interface Specificartion doc 3.0.2 ( page 15, this should be possible using "TransForm Tokenization". First I should call PaymentAccountCreate to store sensitive data under some GUID (which is a string or number I can generate). Then I can use this GUID to run transactions. Makes sense - this is exactly what I would like to do.


However none of this seems to be working on my test account.


First, let me tell that I find the pdf document very well written but it contains no information about API's URLs. The only place where the pdf mentions URL is HealthCheck example at the bottom of the doc. This is the only place where a developer can learn where to make API calls, I think you should really highlight this in the first chapter. All right then, I learned that the endpoint is 


However, PaymentAccountCreate operation is not implemented there. It returns the following message: "The '' element is not declared." The message is confusing because it suggests that I did not pass <PaymentAccountCreate> tag in the request body. But by trial and error I figured out that it just means that the operation is not implemented at all on this endpoint.


I found a thread here which explains that PaymentAccount* operations indeed aren't part of the certtransaction endpoint. They're implemented on another API ( I think this deserves mentioning in the Express Interface Specification doc?


At any rate, I can't make any successful call to that endpoint. I'm getting "Request Rejected, Your support ID is: 14441453404171492246". 


So, my question is, what are the steps needed to run some test transactions (eg CreditCardSale) using PaymentAccountID (ie. without passing sensitive cardholder data)?


thanks in advance