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Verifone mx915 features and issues.

Question asked by frbakery on May 30, 2018

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One of the reasons why we decided to purchase VeriFone Mx915 was the features of the "video display" advertisements. However, the current solution  is to - place a custom TEXT in triPOS.config for "pinPadIdleMessage". I feel at the moment that the VeriFone mx915 is an over-glorified version of the VeriFone vx805. I saw this post back in 9/21/16  display more than TEXT on VeriFone Mx915 but have not yet seen a solution for it. 


The other issue that I am having with the mx915 is that there is a way to bypass the signature portion. If the customer hits the  big red "X" cancel on the digital screen, the transactions still goes through and fails to capture a signature thereby making the merchant liable for charge backs despite the chip being read. Is there a way that the Mx915 to confirm that there is a signature confirmation before preceding?  For example, like this company index credit card processing  where it can "set rules for confirm screens and signature capture".



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