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CreditCardSale Hosted Payments with PaymentAccountID

Question asked by d.meneghello on Sep 7, 2017
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I'm trying to integrate Vantiv Express with our ticketing system ( ecommerce )

I'm using the web service endpoint in C#


I'm fine with basic feature credit card sale, credit card authorize and so on.

But i'm in problem with tokenization.


Let me explain:

I succesfull create a "PaymentAccountID" using the hosted page with PaymentAccountCreate ( but no ccv visible )

When I try to "CreditCardSale" I get the error "Card Number Required" but I supplied "PaymentAccountID" in ExtendedParameters.

The second problem regarding the hostedpage in "PaymentAccountCreate" mode it's how can i make visible the ccv field?


There are example of this 2 arguments.


Best regard Davide Meneghello