When ProcessCompleteURL can't be reached...

Idea created by tbelczak on Dec 13, 2017
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    • paulblick

    A few years ago when we were transitioning our first customer to Mercury, I suggested that the API should retry sending a response until it receives a “200 – OK” http response.  Right now it just tries to hit the ProcessCompleteURL once and does not retry if an HTTP response other than “200 – OK” is received.  There are times where the connection breaks down in the hosted checkout form and the ProcessCompleteURL does not receive a response.  As a workaround, we have to keep track of every PaymentID issued and use a separate polling program to call VerifyPayment against these PaymentIDs every couple minutes to ensure an orphaned payment is not missed.  Take a look at how PayPal does IPN (Instant Payment Notification), as this is a guaranteed way to receive verification if the initial response gets lost along the way.  I’m happy to elaborate if needed, but looking at IPN should give you a good idea of how to improve the your API.

    Thank you.