Worldpay's TechVitality Radar

Wondering about the next big thing in payments?

Technology is always changing. Payments applications are touched by a variety of emerging technologies, changes in regulatory requirements and industry requirements.

From cloud, to security solutions, to digital wallets and new deployment models, simply keeping pace with new technology is a full time job.

To aid developers in tracking technologies that affect payments, we are pleased to share the Worldpay ONE TechVitality Radar.

Borrowing from open-source code and inspiration provided by the folks at Thoughtworks Inc., the TechVitality radar seeks to track emerging payment technologies by category, and offer thoughts based on practical experience from our client integration teams about the relevance of new technologies.

By following the radar, developers and merchants can stay better informed about new and potentially important innovations in technology. The TechVitality radar is meant to serve as an early warning system about what technologies are worth considering when.

The radar is a crowd-sourced effort, so as a payments professional we need your help and critical feedback. What are you seeing in payments? Do you agree with the opinions provided here? We welcome your help in evolving this tool. Please considering contributing to the TechVitality Radar. Any business is just one small idea away from greatness!

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