Updating triPOS Direct BIN tables manually (Windows or Linux)

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Updating triPOS Direct BIN tables manually (Windows or Linux)



  • Initiating a manual update to the triPOS BIN tables requires that triPOS 5.1.0 or higher be used, and is supported in both the Windows and Linux versions of triPOS Direct.


Instructions (for both Windows and Linux)

  1. Download the UsBinFile.gz and UsBinFile.gz.tri files attached to this page.
    • If either file downloads from this site in a .zip format, you will need to unzip them before proceeding with this update.
  2. Ensure the triPOS service is stopped.
  3. Drop the following two files into the same directory where triPOS.SelfHostService.exe exists.  If older versions of these files are already present, first rename these older files or create a backup in a different location.
    • UsBinFile.gz
    • UsBinFile.gz.tri
  4. Start the triPOS service.  triPOS will update the BIN tables it uses.


File NameDescriptionBIN File Date
UsBinFile.gzThis is the triPOS BIN file.February 14 2021 
UsBinFile.gz.triThis is the triPOS BIN file signature file.February 14 2021
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