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How about a Worldpay Walrus?


The following remarks have been made about people born under the zodiac sign of the walrus (from site:


People born under the Walrus sign are likely some of the most curious people you will ever meet. They can be exceptionally smart and hardworking to a fault. They have big ideas that they have no intention of allowing to simply remain ideas. It’s tempting to think of Walruses as the cartoonish mad scientist or absent-minded inventor making fantastic machines in his basement, but in reality Walruses are much more grounded than this. They have many layers to their thinking, but are always fair with others. They are not overtly social, yet they work extremely hard on projects with the intention that others can benefit from them.

The best way to describe a Walrus is as a person who works hard to succeed, but has to do things their own way. Walruses aren’t inherently rebellious, they just know what needs to be done and trust themselves to do it. They don’t like to follow the typical ways of doing things, mostly because they’ve already figured out how to do them better.


This would seem to sum up the ideal developer.







Gary Chandler


Solution Architect



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