Worldpay Logo Red Ant.jpg

Photo posted by berwickh661 on Sep 28, 2018

The ant is designed with Worldpay’s branding in mind. A red ant with the legs creating a ‘W’ in the middle which could be highlighted in white as if shining in the light in order to stand out.

The ant is carrying a card to link closely to how Worldpay is advancing the ways the world pays. The card could be interchanged with other items such as a wallet, cryptocurrency symbols, some way of representing alternative payments etc to create a family of ants showing Worldpay’s product offerings.

An ant was also chosen to represent the Worldpay values of ‘We win together’, with special emphasis on the collaboration of the ants and how we are stronger together when we all support each other along the way.

By carrying the card or other item the ant represents ‘We make it happen’, determined to carry the load even larger than itself. This also lends to ‘We do the right thing’ as each ant has the courage to take responsibility to carry the load for the collective good.

The ant can also relate to ‘We lead the way’, like a line of ants in unison building for the future, inspiring those who might look down on them.