Mo' the Money Walrus

Photo posted by daniperea on Sep 25, 2018

I know what you're thinking. This is the greatest mascot idea of all time.


The money walrus leads the way with his mighty tusks.


Since adult walruses can weigh more than 4,400 lbs, the money walrus makes it happen. How? By being a giant walrus.


Since walruses are herd animals, they win together. What do they win? Ice floes and the race to be the top payments services provider of all time.


Plus, the money walrus does the right thing. Walruses are carnivores, but they aren’t vicious predators. They mostly dine on shellfish (but they ain’t selfish) and leave other animals in peace. These are the gentle giants of the arctic, and Money Walrus is a gentle giant of payments tech. King of the arctic, but he's not mean about it, like those polar bear jerks.


Mo will help your company process mo' money.