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Hi Team,


Unfortunately I am terrible at drawing, but my idea would be a Wolf, possibly in a top with Worldpay logo on it? Standing on its back 2 legs of course.


Reasons for this choice:


All wolves work together, they all have a sense of belonging to one another and work as a team, they are known worldwide and can’t be mistaken for anything but wolves. They are persistent, courageous, independent when needed to be. They learn to survive and strive in the most inhospitable environments (much like us moving into new territory), inquisitive, built for long distance/have high stamina and can keep going for hours (a nod towards worldpay’s offices and follow the sun)


Wolves have an intricate network of communication, which can consist of a wide variety of tones when communicating (Worldpay’s multiple offices working together)


Wolves live off of large and small prey to survive, they treat each prey the same (much like how worldpay treats our merchants, we don’t look at the merchant making Worldpay 3k to the merchant making us 300k a quarter as better than the other, both are treated to the same values that Worldpay promotes.


Lastly they are always ready to head out and work.


I believe a lot of what the wolf does/ stands for as an animal, can relate to how Worldpay operates as well.


Kind regards,




Joe Humphreys

Franchise Development & Management

Payment Data Security Consultant



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