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I would suggest Collembola:


I am no good in arts, so I will just send a picture or two and a suggestion to mix the ideas, just like a robotic / high tech collembola …


(There are other “types” of Collembola to be evaluated)


(They come in red, also!)


Effective, Resilient … and Global: Collembola are one of the most widely spread and numerous of all animals in the world. They live virtually everywhere. Car parks and city streets, in sand, up trees, on water, in houses, on plants. And in and around soil, of course. Wherever you go, looking with a hand-lens, there will most likely be a collembolan scampering away from you.


Change Driven / Adaptable: Change is something that many collembolans are very good at. In a stressed environment, they are able to shrink their body size and change their shape rapidly as a coping strategy, within the space of one moult. The females can change the amount and size of the eggs that she lays, too, guided by environmental factors.


Diversity: Collembola share some attributes of insects, with a body divided into three parts, consisting of a head with antennae, a three-segmented thorax, each segment having a pair of jointed legs, and an abdomen. However they also differ from insects in that Collembola are all soft bodied, lacking wings, have simple eyes more like crustaceans and have internal mouthparts.


Here might be a pitfall about Collembola: “Springtail, the common name, comes from the ability of many Collembola to spring away from trouble using an appendage called the furcula, held under tension beneath the abdomen”. This part may lead people to say we run away from trouble. But this could be neutralized by some funny illustration showing that this is a problem-resolution resource. Whenever we find a problem, we solve it fast because we have the right resource in place J.


Well, hope this suggestion helps! J




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