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The triPOS Cloud CloudConnectionTestApp.exe readme file is below, and the test application itself is attached at the bottom of this page.



Cloud Connection Test Application
Scope of the application is to validate POS and DEVICE connection with triPOS Cloud PROD and CERT environment. 


For DEVICE connection validation, the application establishes a secure connection (mTLS) with the specified environment and reports success or failure of the connection establishment. 


For POS connection validation, the application simulates POS connection with the specified environment and reports success or failure of the connection establishment.


Environment Details
PROD for Device: 

CERT for Device:
PROD for POS: ""
CERT for POS: ""


Cloud Connection Test App is a command line based console application. Possible arguments for the application are:
3. POS

CloudConnectionTestApp.exe <PROD/CERT> <DEVICE/POS> 
1st argument specifies the environment to which connection is to be established
2nd argument specifies whether validation needs to be done for DEVICE or POS connection


- In case no arguments are given for the application, validation for both PROD/CERT environments will happen for both DEVICE and POS.
- .NET 4.5.2 is required to be installed on the machine before using the application.


Usage Examples,
- CloudConnectionTestApp.exe, runs total of 4 validations for PROD-DEVICE, CERT-DEVICE, PROD-POS and CERT-POS
- CloudConnectionTestApp.exe PROD, runs 2 validations PROD-DEVICE and PROD-POS
- CloudConnectionTestApp.exe CERT, runs 2 validations CERT-DEVICE and CERT-POS
- CloudConnectionTestApp.exe PROD DEVICE, runs a single validation for PROD-DEVICE


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