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This document is intended for software developers needing to refer to specific versions of triPOS Cloud. The triPOS Cloud Release Notes provide information about:

  • New Features & Improvements
  • Bug Fixes & Other Changes
  • EMV-Certified Processors Supported
  • Supported Devices
  • Future Releases


How to view previous version release notes

All release notes starting with triPOS Cloud Release v5 (9/28/2017) will be managed in the attached .PDF at the bottom of this document.



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Release Notes - triPOS Cloud Production Release v15H

CERT Release Date: November 14th 2019 12:00 PM CST

PROD Release Date: November 18th 2019 11:00 PM CST


Please note that triPOS Cloud releases are intended to be backward compatible so as not to impact your existing triPOS Cloud integration.  When new features and functionality are added to the platform, the updates should have no impact on your integration unless you choose to take advantage of them.


New Features & Improvements

  • Updated BIN table with Oct/7/2019 BIN file from Worldpay.
  • Configurable CREDIT/DEBIT Prompts for Multi-AID EMV Cards. The value for isDisplayCustomAidScreen has to be set via the lanes endpoint for this function to be enabled.

        This feature can be enabled by calling API endpoint, or by deleting an existing lane and re-pairing.

POST /cloudapi/v1/lanes/{{laneId}}/command?cmd=multiaid

Request Object:




  • Support Visa Terminal Transaction Qualifiers (TTQ) for NFC read transactions (Contactless Cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay).
  • Enhanced Input Endpoint to support new promptType = idnumber to allow any numeric customer entry on MX9xx and Ingenico devices.

        Use GET /api/v1/input/{{laneId}}?promptType=idnumber  endpoint. Please see the Input Endpoint documentation for a list of prompts and formats currently supported for each device.

  • Masked EasyPay code input for customer privacy.
  • Updated triPOS Cloud BIN file with latest Vantiv/Worldpay BIN file.
  • None and Other values have been mutually exclusive for Tip Prompt.  Tip Prompt now allows displaying Other and None on the same screen.


input endpoint to Prompt for Tip: 

GET /api/v1/input/{{laneId}}?promptType=Tip


Sale endpoint: 

POST /api/v1/sale/

 For Large screen devices Mx915, Mx925, iSC250, iSC480 (up to 6 buttons)

The parameters to support additional options to display:

"otherOption": "None","Other",

 "tipSelections": "10%,15%,18%,20%,"

  • Option to Display Amount during a Card Read on Ingenico devices, can be configured by displayTransactionAmount=True in the transaction request object.






        "configuration": {"tipOptions": {

          "otherOption": "None",

          "tipSelections": "0, 10, 15, 20",

          "type": "Prompt"}




Bug Fixes & Other Changes

  • Corrected problem where Duplicate Reversals are now declined.
  • Corrected problem for No options for "Select Card Type" on Mx devices with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Corrected triPOS Gift Reload Response Class section of the POST /api/v1/gift/reload endpoint documentation misspelling, changed "ActivateGiftResponse" to "ReloadGiftResponse" (under Response Class).
  • Corrected Contactless tap dynamic CVV issue for Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Added Union Pay (CUP) AIDs and CAPKs to triPOS Cloud.
  • Corrected issues with signature method returning 403 errors when certain special characters or words are present in endpoint call.
  • Corrected erroneous status and time stamp when calling Connection status endpoint cloudapi/v1/lanes/{{laneid}}/connectionstatus 
  • Corrections made to logging "Array Cannot be null" error and triPOS not sending the transaction response to POS application.  Now triPOS will log correct error and complete sending transaction response to POS application.
  • Corrected misspelling in response value for "_type" in documentation.
  • Corrected issue of experiencing blank screens on Mx devices when a timeout occurs in multi-aid selection prompts.
  • Corrected issue of intermittent blank screen after Mx915 device reboot instead of idle screen.
  • Corrected issue for Tip option where sending $0 and “Other” in the endpoint call will skip display/prompt and go directly to “Enter Tip Amount” prompt. Now triPOS displays “$0” and “Other” buttons.
  • Mitigated MasterCard MSD contactless issue on the Verifone Mx915/925 (“VerifoneXPI C30 invalid point of service entry mode m=07”) 
  • Corrected issue to set correct status code when multi AID Select Payment Type screen is cancelled or timed-out. 

Known Issues

  • When using an Ingenico iSC250 and the Refund endpoint, if an EMV card is removed too soon, the device may freeze on the Card Removed screen and wait for a timeout to occur before returning to idle. The transaction is approved and returns a statusCode of SignatureRequiredPinPadError because the device is unable to display the signature screen. This issue is specific to the iSC250 PIN pad only; other Ingenico devices are unaffected.
  • Some Mastercard contactless MSD transactions with NFC cards are getting Cancelled on Mx devices
  • Ingenico devices experience a problem with PIN bypass when selecting US Debit (Debit) on Multi-AID EMV Card.
  • triPOS sending incorrect statusCode in transaction response to POS application. Setting statusCode = ”none” instead of “timeout” when a timeout occurs or “cancel” when Cancel button is pressed in the Credit/Debit prompts in a Multi-Aid card transaction


EMV-Certified Processors Supported

  • Vantiv
  • First Data
  • Paymentech
  • Global 
  • TSYS (Mx915/925 Only) 


Supported Devices


DeviceProduction SupportCert Device AvailableProduction Device Available
Verifone Mx915 (IP)May 2017YesYes
Verifone Mx925 (IP)September 28, 2017YesYes
Ingenico iPP320 (IP)September 28, 2017YesYes
Ingenico iPP350 (IP)March 1, 2018YesYes
Ingenico iSC250 (IP)March 1, 2018YesYes
Ingenico iSC480 (IP)March 1, 2018YesYes
Ingenico iSMP4 (IP w/barcode)March 1, 2018YesYes
Ingenico iSMP4 (IP w/out barcode)March 1, 2018YesYes


Future Releases


triPOS Cloud ReleaseVersionProduction Date
CurrentRelease v15BOctober 1 2019
FutureRelease v15HNovember 18 2019 
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