triPOS Direct Release Notes - Version 5.17.0 - 5.13.0

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This document is intended for software developers needing to refer to specific versions of triPOS Direct. The triPOS Direct Release Notes provide information about:

  • Downloading triPOS
  • New Features & Improvements
  • Bug Fixes & Other Changes
  • Deprecated Features
  • Supported Devices
    • EMV Devices
    • IP Devices
    • Bluetooth Devices
    • Linux Devices
  • Known Issues


How to download triPOS

Please visit for instructions on downloading the latest version of triPOS.


How to view previous version release notes

Previous release notes are managed in the attached .pdf at the bottom of this page or click here to download.

NOTE: 5.17 is the latest release for triPOS Direct.


How to get release note alerts

To receive notifications every time this document is updated one must follow this document.

  • Select Actions in the top right corner and check Following and Inbox

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Release Notes - Version 5.17.0

Release Date: March 19, 2020


5.17.0 API Documentation (local triPOS link once installed)

New Features & Improvements

  • Support for EMV Contactless and Quick Chip transactions on Ingenico Telium family devices iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350 and iSMP4.
    To enable/disable EMV Contactless, you set “isContactlessEmvEntryAllowed” and isEmvSupported flags to true.
    <isContactlessEmvEntryAllowed>true </isContactlessEmvEntryAllowed> will be true by default.
    <isEmvSupported>true </isEmvSupported> will be true by default.
  • Support for pre-read for swipe, contact and contactless transactions on Ingenico Telium family devices iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350 and iSMP4. Support for QuickChip (contact) transactions on Ingenico Telium family devices. Note: QuickChip is only supported in Retail/Restaurant environments. 

    To enable/disable QuickChip you set the flag “quickChip” <quickChip>false</quickChip> is set to false by default.
    To configure the life (in seconds) of the pre-read data, you set it in the quickChipDataLifetime flag. <quickChipDataLifetime>30</quickChipDataLifetime> is set to 30 seconds by default.
    When “quickChip” flag is set to true, the following must be done to successfully request preRead/QuickChip for a given transaction (Ex:/ sale). It entails a two (2) step request. 1st, the preRead request, followed immediately (before the life of the pre-read data expires) by the finalization (quickChip) request.


1st request (Pre-Read).



"preRead": true,

  "configuration": {

    "provisionalAmount": 30.00,





"preRead": true; this is a required field and must be set to true for pre-read.

"provisionalAmount"; this is an optional field, is used to trigger CVM behavior (PIN/Signature, etc…) when above CVM limit for various card brands (Limits are in config file defined at startup). If this field is not specified, it defaults to $1.00.


2nd request (QuickChip).




  "quickChip": true,

  "transactionAmount": 7.31,

  "configuration": {

    "checkForDuplicateTransactions": "false",



 Notice, the final transaction amount is specified in the 2nd step (QuickChip) and not in the 1st step (preRead). 


  • Update Ingenico devices to RBA 23.0.44 for iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350 and iSMP4, with the exception of iUC285 device. The RBA 23.0.44 upgrade is to support EMV Contactless on Ingenico devices and the new iSMP4 hardware.
  • Enhance display to notify cardholder for a successful Gift Card read, displaying “Processing” instead of “Approved”.

  • Updated signature status code values returned to “Unknown” for declined transaction and to “SignatureNotRequiredByUnattendedPINpad” for the Unattended iUC285 device.

  • Enhanced documentation related to Visa recurring payments.

  • Updated to latest BIN table dated Mar/9/2020.

  • Updated triPOS to load Ingenico devices to RBA 23.0.44.



Bug Fixes & Other Changes

  • Corrected issue that was allowing PIN bypass on Debit transactions.
  • Corrected empty currency code field in triPOS.config file.
  • Corrected issue that was allowing Fallback on Unattended merchants. Fallback should not be allowed in Unattended.
  • Updated Tip Selection documentation to show the None/Other examples.
  • Corrected issue with contactless reads on iUC285 unattended devices.
  • Corrected issue in XML for namespace error.
  • Corrected issue for expired CAPK notification on Vx805 XPI 8.42b devices. MSD Contactless on Vx805 XPI 8.42b devices requires config file located here.
  • Corrected issue where “approvedAmount” displayed on device and in triPOS response to POS application was incorrectly calculated.
  • Resolved issue in regards to automatic store and forward and automatic reversals. 

Deprecated Features

  • None


Supported Devices

EMV Certified Devices


  • Verifone Vx805, Vx690
  • Verifone Mx915, Mx925
  • Ingenico iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350, iCMP, iSMP4, iUC285
  • NEW! EMV Contactless for Ingenico iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350, iSMP4.

First Data

  • Verifone Vx805, Vx690
  • Verifone Mx915, Mx925
  • Ingenico iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350, iCMP, iSMP4


  • Verifone Vx805, Vx690
  • Verifone Mx915, Mx925
  • Ingenico iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350, iCMP, iSMP4

Global Payments

  • Verifone Vx805, Vx690
  • Verifone Mx915, Mx925
  • Ingenico iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350, iCMP, iSMP4


  • Verifone Mx915, Mx925
  • Ingenico iSC250, iSC480, iPP320, iPP350, iCMP, iSMP4

IP Devices

  • Verifone Mx915, Mx925
  • Ingenico iSC250, iPP320, iPP350

Bluetooth Devices

  • Ingenico iCMP, iSMP4

WiFi Devices

  • Verifone Vx690(CXPI)
  • Ingenico iSMP4

Linux Supported Devices

  • Verifone Mx915, Mx925
  • Ingenico iSC250

Known Issues

  • The Metadata documentation page does not show fields as being required. Please refer to the Swagger Documentation for this information.
  • The triPOS service may fail when a request is sent during a specific phase of initialization of a Vx805 PIN pad. To avoid this failure, do not make a request to a Vx805 PIN pad until the PIN pad is fully configured.
  • The RBA software running on the iSC250 has the following limitations on the GET /api/v1/selection{laneId} endpoint: 
       1. Some numeric-only strings (e.g. "123") are reserved as Prompt IDs in RBA and will not be displayed as raw text on the prompt or buttons. If this occurs, please try to put a space at the beginning of the string for it to be displayed correctly. 
       2. RBA currently displays "Input Accepted" on the PIN pad after the cardholder makes a selection. The PIN pad will remain on the "Input Accepted" screen, rather than the semi-custom screen, until a new request is sent to the PIN pad.
  • There is a connectivity issue with Ingenico Bluetooth devices (iCMP, iSMP4) when attempting to download files via Bluetooth connection. Please see Bluetooth Connectivity for workaround steps to download files to these devices.
  • Setting a custom idle screen image for the Verifone Mx915 and Mx925 with triPOS running on Linux fails because the mono installation is missing a dependency.
  • Verifone Mx9xx and Vx devices display a "CARD READ ERR" when a card containing only track 3 data is swiped. Transactions not canceled will time-out and return a PinPadException and "VerifoneXPI S20 timeout response" message. This issue is pending resolution from Verifone.
  • MasterCard contactless for NFC Card and ApplePay issues on Mx devices
  • Store and Forward is not currently supported with QuickChip and PreRead functionality enabled
  • Strict serialization is enabled for XML users. Instructions to disabled strict serialization are available here triPOS Direct 5.17.0 - Disable UseStrictSerialization 


Release notes 5.16.1 through 5.13.0

Developers can access triPOS Direct release notes 5.17.0 - 5.13.0 by scrolling to the bottom and downloading the .PDF attachment. Note as of April/2019, release notes for triPOS ver 5.12.0 and older, are available in a release notes archive document located at

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