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When starting an integration to new technology it is easier and less time consuming to validate all of the different pieces work as expected prior to actually writing code.  Or for those of just wanting to explore the technology before deciding on an integration path, the triPOS Cloud team has graciously provided an excellent mechanism to perform this validation and exploration, built right into the triPOS Cloud Cert platform at the following URL:  Cloud POS Demo.



Before you begin

Make sure you have your Express API credentials and then browse on over to the demo site.  The first screen you should see is below which basically shows you that your API credentials have not been saved.


Setting the Express API Credentials

Click on the red gear icon and that will show the following screen that will allow you to enter your Express API credentials.




Now that your API credentials have been saved click the 'Manage Lanes' button and add a lane. To learn more about Lane Management navigate to

How do I manage lanes in triPOS Cloud?


NOTE: Do not use Lane ID '1' if you are not planning to test with an Amazon Echo

Enter the information about your lane and device and then pair it to the cloud server by entering the seven character activation code displayed on your device into the ActivationCode field and press the submit button.  triPOS Cloud will now pair your device to the API credentials stored in a previous step.  triPOS Cloud will also update the device with any configuration information necessary, the pairing process typically takes around a minute to complete but the time will vary depending on the configuration occurring and other factors.  When the pairing process is complete you should see a lane entry with device type and serial number and the device should be displaying the triPOS logo.


Process a Test Transaction

When ready click back over to the POS and you should see the LaneID you entered for the pairing process in the drop down box at the top of the screen.  The other LaneID in that drop down is 9999 which is the simulator and will allow you to run transactions without a device attached.  Make sure the LaneID is set to the LaneID paired above, in my case this is LaneID 1, select an item from the menu, and press the checkout button.


The payment workflow will be kicked off and you can now complete the payment transaction by inserting a chip card or using a mobile wallet.  When transaction processing is complete the demo POS will display a receipt on the right side with signature if a digital signature was captured from the device.


NOTE: If you would like to order a set of Vantiv test cards, email or you can refer to the Express Certification Details for a list of our card numbers for manual entry.



Hopefully this demo POS will allow you to get started quickly and validate that your device and triPOS Cloud are working in harmony so that when you start coding you can focus one hundred percent of your attention on your code.


Here's is a quick video that shows the process above.  As always feel free to contact us with questions/comments...we are here to help!