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Using the resources on this page you will learn how to quickly process a payment transaction without the requirement of a physical PIN pad.  The triPOS product family (PC, Mobile and Cloud) leverage a Null simulator in our certification environment. Developers have the ability to mimic production processing scenarios, without the need for physical PIN pads, or test cards. In this tutorial, you will be able to process a sample sale request within minutes using third party APIs tools such as Advanced REST Client. Developers integrating to triPOS Cloud will need to request a set of test cards, create an Express account and complete a discovery call with a solutions consultant.  To access our transaction API click here.


To ensure your product will provide the best processing experience for your customers, Vantiv's Developer Integration team will aid you in completing a software certification. Please review the integration guide  for complete details about integrating, testing and certifying.



Don't have an Express account?

If you do not already have Express test credentials, go to click here and create a test account. You will receive an email containing the required credentials needed to access triPOS Cloud:

  • AccountID
  • AccountToken
  • ApplicationID
  • AcceptorID

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan testing EMV you will need to request additional credentials from


Tools/APIs used

Tools such as Advanced REST Client, Postman, or cURL are excellent tools to become familiar triPOS Cloud. This tutorial demonstrates calling the triPOS Cloud API while leveraging Advanced REST Client.


Additional resources to aid you through are development efforts can be found here:


Sample Sale Request

Step 1: Add Request Headers

triPOS Cloud supports a production URL and a certification URL. For this scenario, we will demonstrate how to process a sale request using the certification URL




Using your preferred test tool, add the headers to the request.  For complete list of transactions and headers refer to the triPOS Cloud API


tp-application-id: 1234
tp-application-name: triPOS.Dan.Cloud
tp-application-version: 1.0.0
tp-authorization: Version=2.0
accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
tp-express-acceptor-id:{your express acceptor id}
tp-express-account-id:{your express account id}
tp-express-account-token:{your express token}
tp-request-id:{valid GUID}


Step 2: Build the transaction payload

The use of laneID 9999 triggers the simulator. In a production environment, laneID is used to identify the PIN pad triPOS Cloud service will initiate. For a complete list of parameters supported within a transaction payload view the triPOS Cloud API






Sample Sale Response

Response Headers

Response Body


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