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Nao, pronounced Now,  is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics, a French robotics company headquartered in Paris. In the payments industry it is important for us to understand emerging technologies so we can present a logical method of taking payments. There have already been developers who have put in place humanoid robots as payment devices and point of sale systems and we are staying on top of this cutting edge technology with our Nao test unit in our Developer Lounge.



  • What is this technology all about?  It is a prefabricated humanoid robot that we apply to a specific use cases using Python scripts.
  • Why is it important?  Having the Nao robot in our lineup of technology is important because developers bring their products to us and ask us to help integrate these products to enable payments.  We have to stay current with the technology to meet the needs of our developers.
  • What problem does it solve? Humanoid robots introduced in the payments industry automates menial task, creating higher efficiency and lower labor costs.


Robot 1.JPG


Use cases for Robots in the Payments Industry

Humanoid robots, and ones who take payments have already made their way into several different industries. Several use cases are hotels, bartenders, restaurants, and now pharmaceuticals.


Robot Hotel

Robot Hotel.jpg

The Tipsy Robot Bar

tipsy robot.jpg

Flippy Grill Robot from Miso Robotics

Miso Robotics.jpg

MedAvail Pharmacy Kiosk



Programming the Nao Robot

Earlier this year, a crack team of Vantiv payment geeks took our friendly Nao Robot to the Money 20/20 show inVegas for an awesome Hackathon. Rather than replicate the materials here, we refer you to the awesome set of developer resources assembled for the event here.



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