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Welcome to the Voice-First World. You are now interested in integrating against one of the fastest growing payment segments in the world. The segment, that is going to change how payments are as we know it today.


We will focus on Amazon Skills Kit knowing that Actions for Google Assistant is fast approaching some proof-of-concept work by @vantivLabs. Other voice-first projects on our radar involve Microsoft Cortana and likely Apple HomePod.




So let's start by talking about what a voice-first device actually is. A voice-first device is an always on, intelligent piece of hardware where the primary interface is voice, both input and output.


Last year pymnts.com issued a challenge to payment professionals to figure out how to do something payments related with the Amazon Alexa.



Vantiv - Alexa Challenge - YouTube

Vantiv - Tech Expo 2017 - YouTube


A team of integrated payment engineers worked on a solution and developed an auction based skill for Alexa that was the proof-of-concept needed to show an end-to-end workflow for accepting payments via voice.


This year we were selected to grow that project and explore deeper voice-first technology in payments.

  • We wanted to utilize Amazon Echo since it is an easy way to create and extend voice-first functionality.
  • We wanted to use triPOS Cloud to implement the latest in secure payment integration technology while keeping sensitive credit card data out of scope using Vantiv Omnitoken.


Use Cases

  • POS Integration (Pay-at-the-table Solutions)
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
  • Merchant Experience (Customer Care / Billing )
  • Chatbots (Lex)


Make it Shine

$ git clone https://github.com/agharris73/alexatechexpo.git



I am not a diety and this should not be considered divine advice. You should seek appropriate counsel for your own situation.



Alec Paulson @realalecpaulson

Andrew Harris @iamandrewharris