Virtual / Augmented Reality

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Most people are familiar with eCommerce but there is a new way to buy things called vCommerce. This new industry is being driven by emerging technologies called Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We look at these devices as payment enablement technology. Now instead of going to a furniture store you can put on a headset effectively be there. You can even bring virtual furniture to you so you can see how it looks in your home before you buy it. 


Use cases

  • Revolutionize the "try before you buy" concept.
  • Introduce established products to new audiences.
  • Promote tourism as a virtual experience
  • Disrupt traditional sales strategies.


Our Project

Vantiv has provided tools and interfaces that are needed to code applications quickly, minimizing time to market and processing costs while maximizing functionality and flexibility.


  • Code using your choice of language and software framework – use our SDKs, or code directly to your SOAP / REST APIs using XML or JSON avoiding dependencies on client side libraries.
  • A single solution for all your payment needs – Use the same payment platform for your VR/AR enabled applications as you use for your on-line store or point of sale.
  • Take advantage of advanced tools like Account Updater Service to maximize revenue, Anti-Fraud tools, and sophisticated reporting and analytics.
  • Integrate VR/AR in-app purchases with your point-of-sale and web-store leveraging Vantiv OmniTokens for seamless out-of-scope management of payment credentials across all channels.



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