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Vantiv Integrated Payments gift processing platform is designed to provide POS systems an integrated gift solution that can increase revenue, build merchant retention, and enhance the cardholder's experience. Developers who integrate directly with StoreCard benefit from value-added features including online real-time merchant transaction details, reconciliation and liability reporting; and multi-location account management capabilities. Transform a traditional gift and reward program into a complete stored value service. StoreCard maintains all the benefits of a gift card, with the enhanced capabilities of a rewards card and mobile payment card, all wrapped into one.  StoreCard is built on the gift platform, and is integrated in the exact same way as gift card processing.


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Supported StoreCard Transactions

StoreCard is a closed-loop program supporting the activation and redemption of gift cards for Retail, Restaurant, eCommerce and several other industry types. There are seven supported gift transactions and most developers choose to support the full range. StoreCard's comprehensive POS gift card transaction set includes the following functionality:



Gift Transaction
Express Direct
triPOS PCtriPOS CloudtriPOS Mobile
GiftCardActivateYes5.13.0+Release v61.2.0+
GiftCardSaleYes5.13.0+Release v61.2.0+
GiftCardBalanceInquiryYes5.13.0+Release v61.2.0+
GiftCardReturnYes5.13.0+Release v61.2.0+
GiftCardCreditYes5.13.0+Release v61.2.0+
GiftCardReloadYes5.13.0+Release v61.2.0+
GiftCardReversalYes5.13.0+Release v61.2.0+



Standard Issue Gift Card ranges

  • StoreCard ranges are 19 digits long, starting with 6050110XXXXXXXXXXX. Encoding standard is Track2 format.
  • Allow Track1 formatting for future StoreCard enhancements.  Though not used for gift card processing, there are value added mobile features planned for using Track1 data.
  • If validating gift cards, it is recommended to use the complete “6050110” so as not to be mistakenly compared to Discover Card credit ranges.


Pre-Existing Cards and Third-Party Gift Cards

When a merchant has participated in another provider’s gift card program prior to processing with Vantiv, they may be able to use these cards with Vantiv. Consider the following:


  1. If the encoded magnetic stripe data contains more thanTrack2 data, it is important to parse out the Track2 string for processing to Vantiv. If the encoded magnetic stripe data contains less than Track2 data, it may be necessary to have Vantiv re-encode the data to a compatible format.
  2. Vantiv’s gift servers may be able to support the previously issued cards without having to physically re-encode the magnetic stripes and/or reprint the card numbers. In order to determine this, please contact the Vantiv Gift department and arrange to provide  three to five sample gift cards for evaluation.
  • If the pre-existing cards ARE compatible with Vantiv’s platform, Vantiv can import these gift card values. The merchant only needs to supply a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet listing the card numbers and current balances.


Vantiv StoreCard Integration and Testing Details

The Express platform is a rich testing environment designed to support your integration work and is used for your final certification script transaction review. The test environment is typically available 24/7.


  • Contact your Implementations Consultant and request an Express/StoreCard test account and credentials.  If you have already set up an Express test account to support an EMV/triPOS certification, the same test account credentials may be used.  Just ask your Implementations Consultant for your test account to be configured for StoreCard testing.
  • Request StoreCard test cards from your Implementations Consultant.
  • Select a StoreCardID/StoreCardPassword to use in your StoreCard testing and certification.  These values are required for authenticating a gift transaction.  Any of the following test values may be used.  Note that merchants will be assigned unique StoreCardID and StoreCardPassword values for Production use.


Test Card
StoreCard IDStoreCard Password
StoreCard Test 1631522004xyz
StoreCard Test 2631522005xyz
StoreCard Test 3631522006xyz



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