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triPOS Cloud is an extension to the triPOS product line, mobile and PC. It is built on the most flexible, processor owned technology for web-based commerce. Its meticulously-designed REST API and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product for your merchants. Software developers  can quickly solve security and EMV challenges without installing local software to drive payment device communication. Boasting PCI-validated P2PE security, triPOS Cloud delivers easy to install hardware and an effortless pairing process with the device and POS for merchant installation.




Consider using triPOS Cloud if you:

  • Are building an web-based add-on application or complete cloud solution that enables payments
  • Need remote services to push updates to EMV capable hardware
  • Expect a seamless experience from the store, to the web, to a consumer's mobile device
  • Use a SaaS deployment model for simplified merchant installation and ongoing maintenance



Ease the burden of integrating payments

By design, the triPOS Cloud API and integration is very similar to triPOS PC. Current integrators to triPOS PC will find that they only need to make very few changes to integrate to triPOS Cloud.  Seamlessly push new payment types, industry changes, security updates and feature enhancements to your solution or device. That means less code to write in the future and hassle free hardware support.


triPOS accepts requests from business management software for processing end-to-end financial transactions through the Express Interface. PIN pad lane management allows an integrator to pair as many devices to the cloud service in a merchant environment via an Activation Code. Because our devices are configured for DHCP and hardwired Ethernet,  a plug in and pay experience is achieved on every new install. The diagram below illustrates the interaction among the business management software, triPOS Cloud, the PIN pad and Express Gateway.



triPOS Cloud data flow_update.jpg


Supported payment transactions

In triPOS Cloud, transaction handling configuration options will be sent in the configuration options section of the request itself. Below is a list of each payment request endpoint available. Please refer to the REST API for a complete list of endpoints supported.


Auth Completion/v1/authorization/{transactionId}/completion

NOTE: is the base certification URL and then you add methods shown above.



Supported Hardware

Multiple lanes can be supported within triPOS Cloud. Through a unique pairing process, lane configuration will be handled by a set of endpoints. The Lane Management API is the cloud equivalent of the triPOS distributed lane API calls.  The lane management API will allow an integrator to pair a PIN pad device to the cloud service associated with the merchant account.


Verifone Mx 915


  • 4.3" Colored touch screen
  • Accepts NFC, EMV & MSD
  • P2PE PCI Validated
  • Signature Capture
  • Interface: Ethernet






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