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TranCloud™ powered by Datacap Systems, is the optimal solution for EMV-ready payments. It provides a unique payment and hardware hub that is constantly evolving to fit the needs of virtually any point-of-sale (POS) provider.  The TranCloud solution is designed for tablet and browser-based applications that use HTTP POST in either XML or JSON format. Software developers needing a simple to integrate, easy to install EMV certified payments solution will find TranCloud combines the reliability of Datacap Systems and the platform performance of MercuryPay.



Leading in-store payment processing

For plug-in and pay results, the TranCloud hardware appliance is installed locally within the merchant's environment and handles all payment processing. MercuryPay processing interface uses a schema similar to all of our other solutions making it easy to transition existing solutions or starting fresh with integrated payments. TranCloud service is able to control hardware at the merchant location without requiring advanced networking setup.



TranCloud supports multiple wired and wireless PIN Pads, allowing for a custom-tailored solution for each installation.  Wi-Fi, Ethernet and/or serial connections are supported, enabling unparalleled flexibility.  Built around convenience and security, Vantiv Integrated Payments offers P2P (point-to-point) encryption and tokenization to help reduce data breaches during and after the sale.



Consider using TranCloud if you:

  • Are building an browser based application
  • Need to easily accept payments at the counter, in aisle or at the table
  • Require a small footprint that any merchant can install and begin processing in minutes
  • Want to protect your brand with security with P2P encryption* and tokenization


How it Works

The business application communicates non-sensitive transaction information to the TranCloud service using an HTTP request. Then the TranCloud service communicates with the TranCloud appliance running at the merchant location to manage a payment request on the EMV capable PIN pad. The transaction response from Vantiv Integrated Payments is then passed back from the TranCloud service to the business application to finalize the sale. For a simplified approach a single TranCloud appliance controls one or more PIN pads providing an optimal solution for any merchant size business.


TranCloud Flow.png



Supported Hardware with Vantiv Integrated Paymentsdevice images trancloud.jpg

*P2P encryption is not PCI validated



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