Vantiv Field Loader 1.04

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Supporting Ingenico iSC250 and Equinox L5300 and VeriFone Vx805


The Vantiv Field Loader (DatacapFieldLoader 1.04) is a tool developed by Datacap Systems, Inc. for updating production Ingenico isc250, Equinox L5300 and VeriFone VX805 devices to support U.S. EMV without needing to send the device in for servicing. The Field Loader is perfect for merchants who already have devices and want to process EMV cards. Previous versions of this tool are no longer accessible.

This update is applicable for the following three devices

  • Ingenico isc250 devices with RBA version 12.1.1 or greater. The tool confirms the E2E encryption and PIN keys and then loads the latest RBA v21.02 and corresponding Datacap forms onto the device.  This RBA v21.02 is required for EMV Debit support
  • Equinox L5300 devices running FPE 4.0 or greater. The tool confirms the E2E encryption and PIN keys and then loads FPE 7.U.555rc4-3 and corresponding Datacap forms onto the device.
  • VeriFone Vx805 updates from USB or Serial to an Ethernet/IP load for use with Datacap’s TranCloud.


Steps for running the Field Loader

Before you begin

  • If you are using a USB, make sure you have the correct iSC250/L5300 device driver in place and that the device has been configured for USB.  Drivers are available in the Device Driver section of the Datacap download menu at
  • You should be logged in as an Administrator when following the steps below.


Download the Field Loader from:

Then click on the download file and follow the installer prompts to install the Loader.  Once the application is installed (reboot as required) you will see the following screen:


     1. Select the COM Port where your device is connected.


2. Both USB and Serial options are available although USB has proven to be faster.  While serial-based devices load more slowly, they don’t rely on a USB driver and are often more reliable for that reason.


3. Click Ingenico isc250 – Load RBA or Equinox L5300 Load FPE and Forms. The tool will communicate with the device and confirm that the production encryption and PIN keys are correct.

    • If the device P2P keys and PIN keys are correct, the tool will then check the FPE/RBA version, then a progress bar will display while the device is being upgraded.
    • If the keys are not correct, an error message will display—this means the device is not suitable for a field update and will need to be returned to the facility where it was originally purchased for reinjection of the correct keys.


NOTE: USB Troubleshooting: Users may experience issues when loading over USB. After the device restarts the driver doesn’t always recognize the pad and it appears unresponsive.  Check the device manager to confirm the port and then reboot the device. With the L5300, this would be typically seen after FPE is loaded and the pad restarts. The error sequence looks like: "Failed after reboot" and then “FAIL-LOAD FPE.” With the Ingenico device, this can happen after the RBA has been loaded.